DECA Flash – Officer Elections in the Fall

DECA CANDIDATE early intent 2016


Election of the 2016-2017 State Officers will be held during the Fall Leadership Conference, November 6 & 7, 2016.

Interested members that are already planning on running in the fall are encouraged to submit an “Early Intent” Form.  It is a way to get started early on the application process. This form is attached. In the fall they can then submit the other required documents including grade transcript etc.

There will be an interview component on site as part of the election process. This interview score will account for 50% of the total process in the election procedures with the ballots casts making up the other 50%. The complete updated packet will be distributed and posted later this summer.

Have a nice weekend!
Jacklyn J. Schiller
Executive Director/State Advisor
MN Secondary DECA