Seeking SCDC National Anthem Singer


Seeking SCDC National Anthem Singer
Auditions are now being accepted to sing the National Anthem at the 2016 SCDC Opening Session. Auditions will be accepted from registered DECA members and must be submitted via YouTube link or .mp3 file by February 12, 2016. Encourage your students to apply.  Please submit to Danny Spors at email address below.

Danny Spors

Have a great weekend and stay warm!
Jackie Schiller


Important Reminders for SBE

Good afternoon Chartered Association Advisors,

The below email was sent out to all DECA advisors operating school-based enterprises (SBEs) this afternoon and I wanted you all to have a copy as well in order to help disseminate this information to your SBE advisors. It seems there is some confusion and misinformation circulating about the recent changes to the SBE Chapter Certification project and competition at ICDC, so this email provides some answers to common questions you may have received from your chapter advisors.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


Lori Tran | School-based Enterprises Specialist
DECA Inc. | 1908 Association Drive | Reston, VA 20191
P: 703-860-5000 x247


Good afternoon DECA SBE Advisors,

As you know, the final deadline to submit the SBE Chapter Certification Project is approaching this week. All submissions must be received no later than 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday January 15th. Results will be emailed to advisors once all judge evaluations are complete – which will likely be at the end of this month. This DECA Direct article offers a few final project reminders you might find helpful:

Also, I want to clarify information regarding the number of Chapter Certifications DECA will award to SBEs and the number of students that will be able to attend and compete in the SBE Competition at ICDC.

There is not a limit set on the number of SBEs that can earn a Chapter Certification.

Any chapter submitting documentation and granted a “Gold Certification” or Gold Recertification” will be recognized with an award plaque or medallion, certificate, and recognition through DECA. Silver and Bronze Certifications will also receive a certificate and recognition through DECA. Earning a Chapter Certification in itself is a huge achievement and should be commended!

There is a limit set on the number of Gold Certified SBEs that will be invited to attend the SBE Academy and compete in the SBE Competition at ICDC.

This information is detailed on the first page of the 2016 Chapter Certification Project Guidelines. In order to facilitate the competition portion of the SBE Academy, DECA can only accommodate 200 teams in each track of competition (retail operations and food service operations). This is in line with other DECA competitive events on the international level. At last year’s ICDC in Orlando, participation in the retail track of the SBE competition was nearing 200 teams, so we needed to create a contingency plan in case participation exceeds capacity in 2016. (Since the SBE Competition is currently only offered on the International level, there are not preliminary rounds of competition to narrow the field of competitors.) DECA leadership and the SBE Advisory Council evaluated several proposed resolutions, and agreed on the current system of accepting SBE teams on a first come first serve basis according to project submission dates and times.

For your frame of reference, at the 2015 ICDC in Orlando, SBE competition participation was as follows:

–       SBE Food Service had 103 teams (261 students)

–       SBE Retail had 166 teams (398 students)

The SBE Chapter Certification project has become increasingly popular and participation has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. The project is a valuable teaching tool in connecting the work your students do in their SBE with enhancing their understanding of key business operations standards. We hope you will continue to see the value in participating in this project, and welcome any feedback or constructive suggestions you’d like to share.

If you have questions or feedback, please feel free to email me directly. Thanks for all you do for our DECA members!

Lori Tran | School-based Enterprises Specialist
DECA Inc. | 1908 Association Drive | Reston, VA 20191
P: 703-860-5000 x247

DECA Flash – Special Awards

2016 DECA SCDC Special Awards
Advisor code

Outstanding Advisor Scoresheet

MARCH 6-8, 2016

The State Conference is less than two months away!

Here are some key things to call your attention to:

We will once again use the online registration process that includes the actual housing portion as well.  You should have received your passcode email about a week ago.

Deadline to register at the lower fee of $60 before higher registration of $65 kicks in, is February 8, 2016. Also, if payment from your chapter is not received prior to the start of State, you will be charged the higher rate.  The online registration system will change the registration fee automatically on the 9th.

Remember to submit your state & national dues. All students must be members to be eligible to compete at the district level.

SPECIAL AWARDS – packet attached
There are several special awards that you are able to submit for including:

Advisor Service Awards (includes those that were presented by MEM in the past)

Outstanding Student Recognition
Speakers Bureau
Applegate Scholarship (2) * process thru National DECA online form for submission)

Please be sure to submit by date due to be considered as actual awards order needs to be placed.

The Outstanding DECA Advisor Award – these will be awarded at one of the advisor sessions.  Great way to show your administrators your extensive work with DECA!  This method of recognition has been approved by the MN DECA Board.

DECA PINNACLE AWARD – alumni recognition
You may also nominate alumni who have excelled in their business and marketing careers to receive the DECA Pinnacle Award.  Recognition MAY include featuring on the DECA website and similar types of things.  One outstanding MAY be awarded.  It is recommended that the past members you nominate have at least 10 years of significant business and marketing experience.

If your chapter did not participate in FLC, remember that you need to submit an original copy with signatures required into the state office. Form is attached for your convenience.

While we NEED and value those that are seasoned to certain events, we also realize that perhaps you are ready for either more of a challenge or a change. Please let me know if this is the case!

We will be looking for advisors to assist the evening of Thursday, March 3, 2016 to prepare for manual judging on Friday. Please let me know if you can assist!

Have a great week!
Jackie Schiller

Flash – Scholarship to Attend State

MN DECA_State Conference Scholarship


5 – $100 scholarships to participate in the 2016 DECA State Career Development Conference will be awarded to members seeking to have active and meaningful participation at our upcoming conference. These scholarships are for DECA Members in underserved, non-traditional and special populations due to location and/or socioeconomic status.   Scholarships are sponsored by MN DECA.

MN DECA is seeking applicants that have shown an interest and/or qualified for competition but has not been able to commit due to lack of funds. Providing financial assistance to compete at the state level will assist these students to see the connections in DECA being a co-curricular and meaningful participation and conference experience. This will provide students with a cost effective value-added service to enhance high school chapter experience, their employability and become positive contributors to their community.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of MN DECA to select recipients.

To promote an opportunity for participation in DECA’s State Career Development Conference to underserved populations.APPLICATION PROCESS & REQUIREMENTS

Please use attached form and include an advisor letter of recommendation to apply.  Please submit for consideration via email to Jackie Schiller, no later than February 8, 2016.

Advisors of selected recipients of the scholarship will be notified no later than February 25, 2016.  The scholarship will be awarded & distributed to the student and/or chapter following participation and completion at the State Career Development Conference.  Prior to the disbursement and no later than 10 days after the conference, recipients are required to submit a one page essay outlining their experience and the impact they feel it has had on their future success and employability.

Jacklyn J. Schiller
Executive Director/State Advisor
MN Secondary Business Professionals of America
MN Secondary DECA


DECA Flash – State Update 1/11


2016 DECA SCDC – Creative Intern Application

Registration Pass Codes were sent to you on Friday evening for our State Conference Online system.  Please look for this email and save it!  Attached is the conference overview with costs for planning purposes. You will receive the complete packet of info later this week.  I am working from both Las Vegas this week while attending the National DECA Board Meeting and then to Washington DC for the NAB Meeting.

See attached for deadline and submission details for this year’s written projects which are to be RECEIVED NO LATER than Friday, Feb. 26, 2016.

Attached please find the application for the 2016 State Conference Interns.  Please share with your members!  Deadline to apply is Feb. 12, 2016.

Please let me know if there is anything you need as you prepare for state during this busy time!

Jackie Schiller, Executive Director

Additional Scholarship Opportunities



DECA Advisors

Please remind your DECA student members that the deadline for applying for DECA scholarships is Friday, January 15, 2016. Students must go to the and create a New Login if they haven’t already done so.

Once they click the New Login, a screen will appear for them to create their individual profile. There are required fields throughout that must be completed, marked by a red asterisk (*). At the very end of this screen/page, there is a place for them to create their user name and password. They must hit Submit in order to save their information. The system will then populate all the scholarship applications available and they can apply for as many as they meet the criteria.


  • Students should only apply for scholarships if they meet the criteria.
  • Students should make sure all information is complete and accurate before submitting.
  • Once they submit the specific scholarship application(s) they are applying to, they cannot go back and change anything for that particular scholarship.
  • Students can update their profile anytime within the system.
  • Advisors do not have access to the student profile and/or application(s), unless the student provides their user name and password to the advisor.

Please email or if you or your students have any questions.

Thanks and best of luck to your students,
Cindy Allen

Scholarship Reminder




MN DECA will award 2  – $500 scholarships during the State Career Development Conference to be distributed next fall after the successful completion of the first semester of college.  We utilize the National Applegate Scholarship application process to facilitate the selection of our recipients.  Deadline for students to apply for the National Scholarship consideration is Friday, January 15, 2016.


Please remind your interested members.  By applying they will then be given consideration for our MN scholarships.


Have a great day!



Jacklyn J. Schiller, Executive Director